At Piercing Passion, Inc we are passionate about body art, body piercing and body modification.

We pride ourselves on being the cleanest piercing parlor in Myrtle Beach South Carolina so you can rest assured that your piecing will be done in a sterile environment.

We are professional piercers here at Piercing Passion, Inc. You are in a professional Body Piercing Parlor and we take pride in our work.We DO NOT use a gun to pierce you, instead we always use a new, sterile single use needle for each of our of piercings. 

As a form of communication and self expression piercing and body modifications are becoming more and more acceptable, as are tattoos. 

Please understand that body art and modification placements are a personal choice. Be forewarned that within our web site you will find visual examples of piercings on various parts of the body, to include the genitals. If you are not of legal adult age, as determined by the state you live in, DO NOT continue to explore our web site but instead CHECK THIS OUT!


704-C Seaboard Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: 843-448-1471

Piercing Requirements

  1. 18 and over ID required

  2. 16 to 18 requires ID and parent or guardian with ID to sign

  3. 15 and under needs:

  • A birth certificate or state issued ID

  • Doctors note stating good health

  • Parent or guardian with ID that will sign for them

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So you got a new hole, here is how you take care of it.



Want to piss off airport security? Boy do we have a deal for you!

This is a piercing marathon! Get as many piercings as your little heart desires for the low price of $50. Plus the cost of jewelry.



Get to know us, I promise we don't bite.



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