About Us

Storm is a Natural Born Twentieth Century artist of limitless imagination and a multitude of talents whom has devoted his life to creating works of art that range from photography to drawing, painting, piercing, tattooing, martial arts and air brushing; to auto & marine restoration just to name a few.

Storm has a deep understanding of nature, light, wind, earth, the universe and all that co-exist together. Thus evoking an exciting combination of objectivity and impassioned realism that is key to the timeless quality of his art. Storm never restricted his activities; opening him up to thoroughly explore, and perfect, a broad spectrum of artistic activities and hobbies.

As a child Storm was often found drawing and painting. Perfecting this innate talent later enabled him to offer private art lessons. During High School a photography course was an open door to decades of professional photography services. Fast forward to 1991 Storm begins airbrushing T-Shirts and Venturing out Storm started inking tattoos in 1993.

More importantly Storm's talents enabled him to bring us a variety of Artistic outlets.

 Ink Wave Tattoos, Inc. is the cleanest and most cutting edge of all tattoo parlors in Myrtle Beach, where life is art and art is life.

At Piercing Passion, Inc. we find the cleanest and most cutting edge of all the Piercing Parlors in South Carolina. Offering professional body modifications of all types; where they do everything better.

At Auto Upholstery and Tops, Inc the Grand Strand's leading auto and marine upholstery, carpet and tops customized restorations takes place.

With World Power, LLC we will be able to utilize Mother Earth's Natural resources, such as solar and wind generated power to have more affordable utilities; organic grown food and other such self sustainable and environmentally friendly lives.

You can see a small collection of Photos of some Tattoos Storm has inked HERE