Are you going to use a Piercing Gun?

  • No, at Piercing Passion, Inc. Do Not use a gun to pierce you. You are in a professional Body Piercing Parlor and a single use needle will be used for your piercing. 

Why am I bleeding?

  • A hole was just cut into your body.

Is This Going To Hurt?

  • For a second or two, then you will experience a "pinched, sore" feeling for several days after.

What are you going to do with that needle?

  • I am going to pierce you with this single use needle. You will be shown a brand new needle before you are pierced.

What are those Hemostats for?

  • To hold your skin in an optimal position to correctly place your piercing. 

How do you know where to put the piercing?

  • Piercing Passion, Inc.'s professionalpiercers have studied the human anatomy piercing guides, but ultimately your body will determine the exact location, as each one is different.

I got home and my piercing started to bleed again, what do I do?

  • Using a clean cloth apply direct pressure until the bleeding subsides, then immediately apply ice to shrink the tissue.

How do I reduce The Swelling around my piercing?

  • Apply Ice 10 - 15 minutes at a time.